1. Retrieve your API Key

Once you have access to Modern Treasury, log in and go to your API Keys page. There you will find your Organization ID and API keys.

Authentication with the Modern Treasury API is done by using HTTP Basic authentication, with your Organization ID as the username and the API Key as the password. When using curl, you can use the -u option to pass these values directly.

If using one of our server side SDKs, you can either pass these values in directly, or the library will pull from defined environment variables.

curl --request GET \
  --url https://app.moderntreasury.com/api/ping
from modern_treasury import ModernTreasury

modern_treasury = ModernTreasury(
  # defaults to os.environ.get("MODERN_TREASURY_API_KEY")

pong = modern_treasury.ping()
import ModernTreasury from 'modern-treasury';

const modernTreasury = new ModernTreasury({
  apiKey: 'your-api-key', // defaults to process.env["MODERN_TREASURY_API_KEY"]
  organizationId: 'your-organization-id',

async function main() {
  const pong = await modernTreasury.ping()