Set up check print

Checks can be issued in both the Modern Treasury App and API in the form of Payment Orders, and you can expect the same reconciliation functionality from an ACH or Wire Payment Order.

Checks are sent directly from your integrated bank or through Modern Treasury’s Lob integration.

Bank Native Check Print

Certain banks offer built-in support for remote check printing. Before using check printing as a payment method, ensure that your bank account is configured to support this feature.

Some banks offer check print add-on services like Positive Pay files, the ability to add a QR code to the tear-off sheet, and more, so be sure to ask your bank for all the feature options.

Checks issued via your bank are sent through the USPS option that your bank supports.


Activating Bank Native Check Print

Let your Bank Relationship Manager know to enroll your organization in the automated check printing service. Once that’s complete, contact [email protected] to kickstart the implementation process.


  • Modern Treasury integrates with Lob to provide check printing and mailing services. This is an ideal solution if your bank doesn't support check printing.
  • Checks issued via Modern Treasury’s Lob integration are sent through USPS First Class Mail.


Activating Lob

There's no need to sign-up directly with Lob. If you haven't activated this feature, contact [email protected] to kickstart the process.