Originate a ProvXchange payment

How to originate a ProvXchange payment

ProvXchange payments are payments between core and FBO ledger accounts at BankProv. ProvXchange payments settle in real time, and don’t have any daily or weekend cut-offs.

Originate a ProvXchange payment

All provxchange payments within Modern Treasury are originated from the internal_account representing the core, or standard DDA at BankProv. The payment may be sent to another core or FBO ledger account. FBO ledger accounts at BankProv are similar to Virtual Accounts.

ProvXchange payment typeOriginating accountReceiving accountDirection
Transferinternal_account representing the BankProv core accountinternal_account or external_account representing a BankProv core accountcredit
Transferinternal_account representing the BankProv core accountexternal_account or virtual_account representing a BankProv FBO ledger accountcredit


Note that only credit transfers are supported.

See Payment Order Examples for an example of a ProvXchange payment.