Create a Payment Order

How to create a payment order

When you need to move funds in or out of your Internal Account, you will create a Payment Order.

A Payment Order is an instruction that will be sent to your bank to move from your Internal Account to another account.

How to create a Payment Order

  1. Login to Modern Treasury
  2. Navigate to the Payments Overview page
  3. From the Create New dropdown menu, select Payment Order
  4. Begin by filling in the required fields:
    1. Action: Determine whether you are paying or charging the Receiving Account.
    2. Payment Type: Select the desired method of payment (ACH, wire, check, or RTP).
    3. Amount: Specify the sum of money to be transferred.
    4. From: Choose the Internal from which the payment will be made.
    5. To: Identify the recipient or payee. This can be another Internal Account or an External Account (your Counterparty's bank account).
  5. Utilize additional information:
    1. Bank Statement Description: Optionally provide a brief description of the bank statement (10 characters for ACH, 15 for EFT).
    2. Remittance Information: Include additional details for the counterparty, passing through on addenda records (80 characters for ACH, 140 characters for Wires).
    3. Internal Description: Add a description for internal use only. Not visible to Counterparties.
    4. Payment Date: Specify the date of the payment, also known as the effective date.
    5. Non-Sufficient Funds Protection Checkbox: Opt for this option to verify available funds before processing (for ACH charges with External Accounts authenticated via Plaid).
    6. Metadata: Add free-form key-value pairs for easier searching.
    7. Line Items: Include additional information to represent sub-amounts.
    8. Documents: Attach any associated files as needed.
  6. Once you've entered all relevant information, click Create Payment Order to finish creating the payment.