Foreign Exchange (FX) Overview

The Modern Treasury Foreign Exchange (FX) platform helps you manage currency exchange rates for global payments. Exchange rates are provided directly from your bank and are specific to your bank account; Modern Treasury does not charge a markup or additional fees.

The FX Platform is designed to provide value through a suite of capabilities:

  • Direct Bank Rates: Access FX rates directly from your banks so you can negotiate favorable rates without any intermediaries. Modern Treasury does not charge an additional markup or fees.
  • Spot and Forward FX Quotes: Request both spot and forward-dated FX quotes across a wide range of currency pairs for comprehensive planning and execution.
  • Unified FX Management Interface: Use a single API and dashboard interface to manage FX quotes and initiate FX payments across various bank partners.
  • Multi-Bank Support: Partner with multiple banks to access FX and cross-border payments for 100+ currency pairs and build redundancy into your FX workflows.
  • Track FX Rates On Transactions: Automatically track and audit FX rates on every transaction to simplify accounting and reporting processes.


The table below provides some definitions for objects discussed in the following guides.

TermAPI ObjectDefinition
Foreign Exchange Rateforeign_exchange_rateThis object is how Modern Treasury represents exchange rate information between two currencies. The rate itself is not a resource that can be queried for, but will serialized as part of the object it applies to. See the Foreign Exchange Rate API reference.
Foreign Exchange Quoteforeign_exchange_quoteThe object is the mechanism for generating an exchange rate between two currencies. A quote is an exchange rate that is valid until a certain date. See the Foreign Exchange Quote API reference.
Payment Orderpayment_orderA payment_order is an instruction to move money to or from your bank account via various payment types. See the Payment Order API reference.
TransactiontransactionA transaction is an individual entry as it would appear in an external financial institution's (e.g., bank, processor, etc.) portal or statement. See the Transaction API reference.