Account Groups Overview

An overview of custom-defined account group filters.

Account Groups are flexible filters that allow finance and treasury teams to aggregate and group select accounts.

For finance and treasury teams, these filters provide custom reporting and cash visibility to drill down into specific areas of their business, replacing the need for spreadsheets and other messy tools.


  • A finance team might create an Account Group called “Expenses,” which aggregates Internal Accounts (i.e. ZBAs for payroll, expense payments, etc.)
  • Companies also might create Account Groups that are specific to their business model (i.e. “collections”, “third-party investment accounts”, “marketplace customer accounts”, “capital market accounts”, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with Account Groups once they are set up?

Once created, Account Groups can be used for filtering through the various widgets found on the Cash Management page.

Can one Internal Account be included in multiple Account Groups?

Account Groups currently allow an individual Internal Account to be included in multiple Account Groups.

Can I create Account Groups via Modern Treasury's API?

No, Account Groups are not currently supported through the API.