Schedule a payment

Control when payment orders are sent to the bank

Modern Treasury allows users to specify a timestamp until which the payment will not be processed. This is useful when you need the ability to cancel a payment order for a specific time. It ensures minimum waiting time before transmitting the payment to the bank.


How does Process After affects Payment Date?

When creating a payment order, the user can specify the Payment Date using UI (or effective_date using API). This is the payment’s effective date. When creating a new payment order, the user can specify the Process After date and time later than the Payment Date. In such a situation, Process After will take precedence over the Payment Date. Upon creating the payment order, it will have an updated value for the Payment Date.

How to schedule a payment


To schedule a payment order using the API, you can use the Create Payment Order route setting the process_after to a specific ISO 8601 formatted date and time.


When creating a payment order, expand the Additional Information panel and specify Process After date and time.