Enable notifications for an invoice

How to enable notifications for an invoice

Invoice notification subscribers will be notified of all invoice events. (To check what notification groups are subscribed to invoice events, visit your Notifications settings page.)

You can enable invoice counterparty email notifications on a per-invoice basis.

1. Toggle email notifications on

Find the Enable email notifications toggle in the invoice form. This form can be found when creating a new invoice or when editing an existing on. Toggle it on to enable email notifications to invoice counterparties.

2. Add recipients

A Notification Recipients section will show up. You can optionally add up to 20 email addresses you want to be CC'ed on notification emails sent to the invoice counterparty's email.


If the invoice's counterparty doesn't have an email associated, you will be required to add at least one notification email.

3. Save changes on the invoice

Once you save these changes, email notifications will go out to all added recipients.