Legal Entities at Column

Details about Legal Entity support at Column

Modern Treasury integrates with Column's Entity API. This guide describes capabilities and limitations of sending Legal Entity data to Column.

Field Support Exceptions

Modern Treasury supports accepting most required fields by Column, with the exception of the following fields:


TypeFields Not Supported
IdentificationsCurrently driver's licenses and national IDs are not supported; these are other options in addition to passports, for non-US citizens.


TypeFields Not Supported
IdentificationsCurrently registration IDs are not supported; these are used for non-US businesses.
StructureModern Treasury has a field for partnership, and column has fields for limited partnership and general partnership. Column has fields for professional association, government, and other, which Modern Treasury currently does not support.

Workflow Support Exceptions

StatusModern Treasury currently supports only some, but not all, statuses from Column. In particular, Modern Treasury does not support the status of manual review or passing back review reasons.
DocumentsModern Treasury does not currently support submissions of documents to Column.
UpdatesModern Treasury currently does not support updates of entity information.

Other Exceptions

Modern Treasury does not currently support creating root entities in Column. You can do this using Column's APIs or in their dashboard.