Automatic Retries for RTP

Modern Treasury will automatically retry RTP payments for certain error types

Real-Time Payment requests will be automatically retried for certain errors that Modern Treasury has identified as temporary. The payment order being retried will remain in processing until either: the payment succeeds, a non-retryable error is encountered, or the maximum number of retries is reached.

Modern Treasury will retry failed requests up to 25 times spaced out over the course of just under 4 days. The table below shows a partial timeline of retry attempts (intermediate attempts omitted).

Retry attemptsDelayTotal time elapsed
10h 1m 0s0h 1m 0s
50h 25m 0s0h 55m 0s
101h 40m 0s6h 25m 0s
153h 45m 0s20h 40m 0s
206h 40m 0s47h 50m 0s
2510h 25m 0s92h 5m 0s