Originate a Request for Payment (RFP)

How to originate a Request for Payment (RFP)

A Request for Payment (RFP) in Modern Treasury is represented as a Real-Time Payment debit, as both the request and resulting payment are sent over the RTP network.

To originate an RFP, set the payment_type to rtp and direction to debit. Unlike other debits (e.g. ACH) funds are pushed from the receiving account to the originating account when the RFP is approved.


Unlike other payments, RFPs can expire if the receiving party does not approve or deny the request. To originate an RFP, an expiry must be provided via the expires_at attribute.

If an RFP is not approved or denied by the receivinging party by the date/time of expiry, the Payment Order will transition to failed with a failure_reason describing expiry.

See Payment Order Examples for an example Request for Payment.