Notification of Change (NOC)

Notifications of Change or NOCs are signals from your bank that while money has moved, the counterparty account should be updated.

When initiating ACH Payments, it's possible to receive a Notification of Change (NOC) code as a return from the RDFI.

NOC code is simply a notification that the payment order information is incorrect and must be corrected to ensure efficient processing. The payment order in question was still successfully processed, but it's a courtesy given by the bank, specifically the RDFI, to prevent future issues in transacting against this bank account.


Automatic External Account Updates

Modern Treasury automatically handles NOC codes with the provided change information. The External Account will automatically reflect those changes to proactively prevent future issues with payment origination.

In Modern Treasury, if you receive a Notification of Chance, you will see a $0.00 Return object (example screenshot below) that contains the NOC code under Code alongside the associated Reason. Again, this is not a standard return and is rather the bank issuing a notification tied to a payment order - "We processed the payment, but some aspect of the account information has changed."