Receiving a Return

Once you originate a returnable, you may receive a return in the case that this returnable is rejected.

When an ACH transfer fails, a return code is attached to the return notice from the bank. See here our return codes list for information on Return Code descriptions, timeframes, and compatible external account types.

For ACH, you may receive a return object that is not the rejection of a returnable but rather a message from the RDFI that any future payment order needs updated information. This notification is called an NOC Code, and can be used to prevent future issues in transacting against bank account. An ACH NOC will be marked as a $0 return in Modern Treasury with type ach_noc.

International Payments

Returns can also be received via International Payments methods such as BECS, BACS, EFT and more. See the returns.type field for the various return types which can be received or originated.

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