Choose the right payment rail

Decide which payment rail best suits your business needs.

Each payment rail comes with its distinct specifications, prerequisites, and constraints. Selecting the right payment method will depend on your specific use case and desired payment process.


  1. Cost The per transaction fees associated with using each payment rail, which can vary by financial institution and specific use.
  2. Reversibility: Indicates if a payment can be reversed after initiation.
  3. Settlement Time: How long it takes for funds to be transferred between parties.
  4. Transaction Limits: The general indication of how much money can be moved per transaction.

The table below outlines a few key features that differentiate each payment rail.

Payment RailDirectionSettlement TimeReversible?Transaction LimitsTypical Use
ACHCredit & Debit1-2 Business DaysYes$1,000,000Payroll / Bill Collection
CheckCredit3-7 DaysYes (stop check)No LimitBusiness / Payroll
FedNowCredit & DebitInstantNo$500,000Instant Payments
RFPDebitInstantNo$100,000Instant Payments
RTPCreditInstantNo$1,000,000Instant Payments
WireCreditWithin 10 minutes to a few hoursNoNo LimitUrgent, Large Transactions