Internal Accounts

Sandbox behavior for internal accounts

Your organization will be seeded with two fake banks, each of which will have a couple accounts that all support payment orders and expected payments

  • Gringotts Wizarding Bank (GWB)
  • The Iron Bank of Braavos (IBB)

When using the API, the internal accounts endpoint will return these banks' accounts, along with their IDs which are necessary for payment order creation.

Simulating Payment Orders

Payment orders which use Gringotts as the originating account will be relayed to the bank every minute and transactions will be posted immediately thereafter. This differs from your production payments and bank data will vary on timing. Only ACH, wire, check, RTP, and book transfer payment types are simulated at Gringotts currently.

The Iron Bank does not process any payment orders.

All accounts have sufficient funds to process payment orders.

Simulating Expected Payments

Expected Payments at Gringotts will always have a transaction created for them. Our system uses the data in the expected payment to create a transaction that looks as close as possible to the expected payment. The transaction will be created in about 10 seconds and automatically reconciled to the transaction. In production, the transactions come in based on when we receive information from the bank. This can vary from every 15 minutes to every few hours depending on your bank and connectivity.

Expected Payments at The Iron Bank will remain in an unreconciled state and no corresponding transaction will be created.

Simulating Balances

When in production, your bank will provide balances for your bank accounts throughout the day. These balances will typically be paired with information about transactions that have occurred in your bank account.

To simulate this, the sandbox will create new balance reports whenever a transaction is created. For example, if you create a payment order to send someone $10, you will see your balance be credited $10 when the payment order completes. If it later returns, your balance will be debited $10. Similarly, if an expected payment completes, your balance will change according to its amount.

The simulated balance reports will come as created events. The balance reports will have a balance_report_type of previous_day, and will contain two balances: a closing ledger and closing available balance. This simulates the previous day BAI2 files that most banks provide.

Balances in the sandbox have a floor of $0.

Note that this behavior is only in the Gringotts bank accounts.