Review payments orders for approval

Reviewing payments that triggered approval rules

If you are a reviewer of a payment, you will be notified via email that a payment requires your review. You can take actions in the Approvals page of the dashboard. Under the Pending My Approval tab, Users can see all Payment Orders that require their approval. Under the Pending All tab, you can see all Payment Orders requiring payment approvals; note that this list does not include payments that require Compliance approvals.

Review Actions

You can approve or deny a payment. If all reviewers approve, the payment will be sent to the bank. If you deny, the payment will not be sent. Payments can be reviewed one at a time or in bulk.

Review one payment

To review a single payment, you can click into the payment to view more details about it. Under the Tracking tab, a box will show which rules have triggered, what reviews are required, and what is the status of the reviews. You can review a payment with the Approve and Deny buttons there or click on the Review button in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Alternatively, you can review a single payment from the Pending My Approval tab by clicking on the Approve or Deny buttons.

Review multiple payments at once

To review multiple payments at once, make a selection on the Pending My Approvals tab. You can select multiple individual items, an entire page of items, or all items requiring your review. You can then approve or deny all of those payments simultaneously.

Users in multiple Roles

If you are in multiple roles, you are required to select which role to approve as. From the Approvals page, you can filter by role to view the subset of payments that require approval from that role. For a specific payment, you have the ability to choose which rule and role to approve as. Note that you cannot approve a payment multiple times.

Undoing approvals

If you are in a Role with Account Mange, Review and Edit access, you can undo payment approvals. When this occurs, all reviews must be done again. Currently, only payments that are fully approved can be undone.


Typically, only users in roles that are reviewer groups can approve payments. There are some exceptions, however.

When can a reviewer not approve a payment

Modern Treasury prevents a user from reviewing payments if they manually created a payment or if they already reviewed a payment. This policy reduces the risk of insider threats and ensures proper controls.

Administrator Overrides

For select organizations, administrators (e.g. Users in Roles with Organization Manage and Edit permissions) are able to review all payments, even when they are not part of a reviewer group. In the future, this setting will be deprecated in favor of you specifying conditional reviewers in rules.

If you are interested in using these privileges, go to the Approvals page. If you are interested in approving payments in bulk, select Admin Override from the role selector. If you are interested in approving a single object, click it, and then hit the Review button in the top right corner of the screen.