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Silicon Valley Bank

Programmatic Account Access Request Template

Send the text below to your bank to request programmatic access to the necessary payment rails. Please modify the text to reflect the products you would like enabled by your bank.


Payment Rails

Our templates assume you want to enable ACH debit, ACH credit, and wires. The text does not include check printing or check lockbox services, which you may also request from your bank or a third party. Note that ACH debit access will require the broadest set of compliance steps from the bank, as it allows you to charge other bank accounts. If you know that you will not be using ACH debiting, feel free to remove it from the email.

Sample Email

We would like to enable Transact Gateway for our SVB account. We want to originate ACH Credits, ACH Debits, and Wire Transfers. We would also like to receive BAI2 file reporting through Transact Gateway.

We will be using Modern Treasury to transmit and receive these files through the Transact Gateway SFTP system.

Bank Paperwork

Once you are in contact with a technical advisor, Modern Treasury can help you fill out all the necessary paperwork.