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Tentative Reconciliation

Modern Treasury attempts to reconcile pending transactions received from banks throughout the business day to eligible expected payments, payment orders, returns and paper items (called "transactables" in the rest of this article).

Pending transactions provide closer-to-real-time information about the activity within an account, but pending transactions often include less information from the bank. Pending transactions can also disappear without posting when an end-of-day transaction file is processed. For example, a wire's pending transaction will always post, but an ACH credit transaction might not post if the bank intervenes in the payment.

When Modern Treasury reconciles a transactable to a transaction, a tentatively_reconciled webhook event will be emitted for the transactable. That webhook will include the reconciled pending transaction in the transactable data element.

Also, it's important to note that Modern Treasury won't advance the state of any transactable reconciled to a pending transaction. Those state completions will only occur once transactables are reconciled to posted transactions.

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Tentative Reconciliation

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