Return Webhooks

createdA return has been created.
begin_processingA return has begun processing. Originating returns only
finish_processingA return has finished processing and been sent to the bank. Originating returns only
tentatively_reconciledA return has been tentatively reconciled to a pending transaction. See the guide for more information.

Does not change the return's state.
reconciledA return has been reconciled to a posted transaction. In most cases, you will get this at the same time as the completed webhook. However, there is a case where you only receive the reconciled webhook. This would occur if you received a return for an originating return before the transaction posted. In this case, we don't send the completed webhook since the originating return will be in the terminal returned state.
completedA return has been reconciled to a posted transaction.
returnedAn originated return has been returned.
failedA return has failed due to an error.
unreconciledA return has been unreconciled from a transaction.

These are the statuses a return may have:

pendingThis is the initial state for a new return.
processingThis is a very short state where Modern Treasury is preparing the return to be sent to the bank. Originating returns only
sentThe return has been sent to the bank. It may remain in this state for up to a few days, depending on the type of return. Originating returns only
completedThe return has been reconciled to a posted bank transaction. At this point, we know the return was successful, and your account will have been debited or credited.
returnedThe originated return was returned by the RDFI.
Originating returns only
failedThis status is rare but may happen if there is an error at the bank.
  "event": "created",
  "data": {
    "id": "59981d98-7573-4e82-981e-acb1aaf4801e",
    "object": "return",
    "status": "pending",
    "returnable_id": "0383a613-1439-4ff8-992c-5e8691dfcc19",
    "returnable_type": "payment_order",
    "transaction_line_item_id": null,
    "transaction_id": null,
    "type": "ach",
    "amount": 20000,
    "currency": "USD",
    "code": "R03",
    "reason": "No Account/Unable to Locate Account",
    "role": "originating",
    "created_at": "2019-12-12T23:15:49Z",
    "updated_at": "2019-12-12T23:15:49Z"