Payment References

A payment_reference object is a reference number assigned to a Payment Order or Return by the underlying financial institution. Because they are assigned by the bank, Payment Reference numbers are valuable when asking the bank about the status of a payment or tracking down issues.

Unique identifier for the payment reference object.
Always payment_reference.
The actual reference number assigned by the bank.
The type of reference number. Refer to the table below for the list of currently supported reference number types.
ID of object the payment reference is assigned to.
Type of object (one of payment_order, return, or reversal) the payment reference is assigned to.
  "id": "361a3fd7-811d-48fa-8ccd-b9c0603410ec",
  "object": "payment_reference",
  "reference_number": "20181217L1B78H1C003304",
  "reference_number_type": "fedwire_imad",
  "referenceable_id" : "e5f92622-1492-4dbe-b2e2-5882519dc1f4",
  "referenceable_type" : "payment_order",
  "live_mode": true,
  "created_at": "2021-03-17T16:56:30Z",
  "updated_at": "2021-03-17T16:56:30Z"
Reference Number TypeNameDescription
ach_original_trace_numberACH Original Trace Number
ach_trace_numberACH Trace Number
bankprov_payment_activity_dateBankProv Payment Activity Date
bankprov_payment_idBankProv Payment ID
bnk_dev_prenotification_idIncrease Prenotification ID
bnk_dev_transfer_idIncrease Transfer ID
bofa_transaction_idBank of America Transaction ID
bofa_end_to_end_idBank of America End To End ID
check_numberCheck NumberThis is assigned by Modern Treasury at the time of check creation, can be used for issuing stop payments/voiding checks.
column_transfer_idColumn Transfer ID
column_fx_quote_idColumn Foreign Exchange (FX) Quote ID
cross_river_payment_idCross River Payment ID
cross_river_transaction_idCross River Transaction ID
currencycloud_conversion_idCurrencycloud Conversion ID
currencycloud_payment_idCurrencycloud Payment ID
dc_bank_transaction_idDC Bank Transaction ID
dwolla_transaction_idDwolla Transaction ID
eft_trace_numberEFT Trace Number
fedwire_imadFedWire Input Message Accountability Data (IMAD)
fedwire_omadFedWire Output Message Accountability Data (OMAD)
first_republic_internal_idFirst Republic Internal ID
goldman_sachs_collection_request_idGoldman Sachs Collection Request ID
goldman_sachs_end_to_end_idGoldman Sachs End To End ID
goldman_sachs_payment_request_idGoldman Sachs Payment Request ID
goldman_sachs_request_idGoldman Sachs Request ID
goldman_sachs_unique_payment_idGoldman Sachs Unique Payment ID
interac_message_idInterac Message ID
jpmc_ccnJPMC CCN
jpmc_end_to_end_idJPMC End to End ID
jpmc_firm_root_id JPMC Firm Root ID
jpmc_p3_idJPMC P3 ID
jpmc_payment_batch_idJPMC Payment Batch ID
jpmc_payment_information_idJPMC Payment Information ID
jpmc_transaction_idJPMC Transaction ID
lob_check_idLob Check ID
otherOtherCatch-all for payment reference numbers that can't be identified.
partial_swift_mirPartial SWIFT Message Input Reference (MIR)Same as swift_mir although the leading date is omitted.
pnc_clearing_referencePNC Clearing Reference
pnc_instruction_idPNC Instruction ID
pnc_multipayment_idPNC Multipayment ID
pnc_payment_trace_idPNC Trace ID
rtp_instruction_idRTP Instruction ID
signet_api_reference_idSignet Reference ID
signet_confirmation_idSignet Confirmation ID
signet_request_idSignet Request ID
silvergate_payment_idSilvergate Payment ID
swift_mirSWIFT Message Input Reference (MIR)
swift_uetrSWIFT Unique End-to-end Transaction Reference (UETR)
usbank_payment_idUS Bank Payment ID
wells_fargo_payment_idWells Fargo Payment ID
wells_fargo_trace_numberWells Fargo Trace Number