Update Payment Order

Update a payment order



Note that cancellations will only work if status is one of needs_approval, approved or pending*. Payment orders can not be deleted through the API after they've been sent to the bank. Please contact Modern Treasury support for more information.

*pending is only a possible status when using Transaction Monitoring



Certain attributes on the payment order are protected. They may only be updated when the payment order's status is needs_approval. This is because these attributes affect the mechanics of the payment itself. If you want to update an already approved payment order, our recommendation would be to cancel it and create a new one.
If you attempt to update a protected attribute when it may not be updated, the request will still respond with a 200 status code, but the response body will contain the original data. This indicates that the attribute was not updated.
The following are the protected attributes: type, direction, originating_account, receiving_account_id, counterparty_id, amount, currency, effective_date, process_after, statement_descriptor, remittance_information.

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