Reversal Webhooks

As reversals progress through their lifecycle, Modern Treasury will send webhooks to convey their latest statuses. The message body will include both an event and a data representation of the reversal. When there is an error, it will also be included. See the status codes section for additional details on how errors are presented.

These are the events you may receive:

begin_processingA reversal has begun processing. Payment orders will no longer be editable after this point.
finish_processingA reversal has finished processing and been sent to the bank.
completedA reversal has been reconciled with a posted transaction.
failedA reversal has been rejected by the bank.
returnedA reversal has been returned.
unreconciledA reversal has been unreconciled from a transaction.

These are the statuses a reversal may have:

pendingThis is the initial state for a new reversal.
processingThis is a very short state where Modern Treasury is preparing the reversal to be sent to the bank.
sentThe reversal has been sent to the bank. It may remain in this state for up to a few days, depending on the type of reversal.
completedThe reversal has been reconciled to a posted bank transaction. At this point, we know the reversal was successful.
failedThis status may happen if the reversal is rejected by the bank or if there is an error at the bank.
returnedA reversal has been returned.