Schedule send a Report

How to schedule send reports.

Manually initiating report exports can become effort-intensive. If your organization routinely pulls reports, it is helpful to establish a schedule for reports to be sent automatically. This guide outlines the steps to take to schedule send reports.

To schedule send a Report

  1. Log into Modern Treasury
  2. Navigate to the Reporting section from the left sidebar
  3. Select the report you wish to schedule send
  4. In the upper right corner, click on the ellipses (...) dropdown menu, and select Add Schedule
  5. A window will appear allowing you to select how often you would like to send the report (Frequency, Days, Time, etc.)
  6. When the cadence has been set, click Save to finish

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will receive the report export?

Report exports will be sent on the specified schedule to all users with permission to view this report.

How will the report be sent?

Reports will be sent via email with a link to download an export.