Invite a new user

Learn how to invite a new user to your organization


When your organization needs to add new users to Modern Treasury, administrators can invite users via email.

Invite a User

To invite a new user to Modern Treasury

  1. Login to Modern Treasury
  2. View as the associated Organization
  3. Navigate to "Settings", and click on "Users"
  4. To create a new user, click 'Invite User' in the upper right-hand corner
  5. Enter the user's work email, and select which Role/s you wish to assign to the user
  6. To finish executing the invitation, click 'Send Invite' and the user will receive an email to sign in to Modern Treasury for access


Anomaly Detection

The first time a user joins your organization in Modern Treasury we will send an anomaly detection email if we have not seen that user's domain associated with other users in your org. For example, if all users have emails with the domain and a user with the domain is added we will alert admins who have the “Security Notifications” enabled via email for visibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Live and Test Mode when assigning roles?

Live Mode applies to your organization's production instance. Whereas Test Mode will apply to your sandbox. You will want to designate the user's roles for their respective positions and needs.

How do users finish the sign-up flow?

They will be invited to accept the invite if and only if no user is associated with that email. During the invite acceptance process, the user will be able to specify a Full Name if one was not previously created.

When do invitations expire?

By default, an invitation will be valid for 7 days after being sent. To manage outstanding invites, administrators can select the “Invites" tab of the Users page. There, they can resend, edit, or delete invitations, as well as view expired ones.