Create an API key

How to create and assign permissions to an API key

Creating an API key is the first step needed to make API calls. The steps listed below demonstrate the process of creating an API key.

Create an API Key

  1. Login to Modern Treasury
  2. Verify the correct environment is being accessed
  3. Navigate to the “</>Developers” tab listed on the left panel
  4. Click on "API Keys" along the top ribbon
  5. Select the “Create New API Key” button on the far right
  6. Provide a name for the API key in the name field
  7. Optionally, add “Allowed IPs” by clicking the add symbol and entering an IP address (The add option can be used multiple times to include an array of IP addresses)
  8. Update the “Permissions” section with the desired level of access for each object (There is a question mark to the right of each object that provides further details)
  9. Click on “Create” when the API Key is ready to be created