Reporting Overview

Businesses need easy access to data to make daily decisions. Modern Treasury allows you to build reports to dive deeper into your data so you can understand your business better.

Users can save reports to view later, share reports with their teammates, and even schedule reports to send at a desired cadence.


Reports have their own permissions. When shared with a user, they will have access to everything within a report regardless of what role they have in the organization.

Only the report owner and original creator can make edits to a report or un-share it with viewers.

What is a Report?

A Report is a saved set of filters that can be used to search data within Modern Treasury and can be used to monitor for progress/growth, recognize trends, or spot irregularities that may require investigation.

Types of Reports

Balance ReportsA collection of Internal Account balances for a specific period.
Expected PaymentsInformation about payments you expect to occur in your bank account. Unlike Payment Orders, these are payments that are not initiated by the Modern Treasury system.
Payment OrdersPayment instructions sent to your bank to initiate a debit, credit, or transfer of funds.
ReturnsA rejection/chargeback on an individual Payment Order, Paper Item, or Incoming Payment Detail.
TransactionsIndividual entries as they would appear in your bank's portal or statement.
Transaction Line ItemsTransaction Line Items connect a Transaction to one or more payment objects in Modern Treasury.