Platform Quickstart

Get started with the Modern Treasury platform


In this tutorial, we will step through how to create or join an organization on Modern Treasury. We will then explore some of the suggested and common next steps once you have successfully signed up.

Every organization is provisioned a sandbox which can be used for testing and integration. The sandbox is fully functional, with feature parity to a production environment. We also provide sandbox-only functionality to help you simulate realistic workflows without risk. For example, you can simulate payment returns without moving any money.

1. Create an organization

You can register for Modern Treasury and gain access to a sandbox for the newly created organization. To do so, head over to You will be able to sign up, verify your email address, and create a new organization.


Need to join an existing organization?

If the organization shares the same domain as the email you register with, you will be prompted to request access to the existing organization. Organization administrators will be notified to review the request.

You may also ask an organization administrator to invite you, in which case you will receive an email notification to join the organization.

2. Invite your team

You can easily invite your teammates by clicking the "Invite People" navigation link or by going to Settings > Users > Invite User. Here you can Invite a new user, which will send your teammate an email to join your organization. When inviting a user, you will assign their role(s), specifying which resources and parts of Modern Treasury they have permission to access and manage.

3. Get started

The best way to explore Modern Treasury is by user each product. We've created a set of guides that make it easy to get started with each of our products:

Ready to go live?

Contact [email protected] when you are ready to go live. Our team will help you understand the process and timelines.