Reset your sandbox

Learn how to reset your sandbox


Sandbox resets affect all users.

If your sandbox is shared or being used by other users within your organization, a sandbox reset will also affect any related objects they may have created or create during the reset processs.

1. Navigate to Sandbox settings


Only those with Manage Organization permissions can reset the sandbox.

You must belong to at least one role assigned the "Manage Organization" permission in order to reset the sandbox.

To reset your sandbox, navigate to Settings > Sandbox and click the Reset Sandbox Data button.

2. Select objects to reset

In the modal, select the objects you want to reset. Use the Toggle All button to conveniently select or deselect all options.

3. Submit & confirm

Once you have selected the desired objects, click the Delete button. You will be prompted to confirm your decision. Upon confirmation, a message will be displayed informing you that an email will be sent once the reset has been completed.


Do not create objects while reset is in progress.

While the reset is in progress, do not create any new objects as you may experience inconsistent results.

4. Email confirmation

You will receive an email confirmation once the reset is complete.