Email Customization

Overview of email customization

Modern Treasury sends notification emails to your customers on your behalf for the following:

  1. Counterparty registration
  2. Remittance advice
  3. Invoice status updates

You can customize the appearance of these emails to match your company's branding.


  1. Email sending is enabled for your organization. If it is not enabled, contact your CSM or Modern Treasury support.
  2. You have a verified default custom domain. For more information on how to configure this, see our custom email domain guide.

Available customizations

You can customize the following in the emails:

Email reply-toThe email address that will be emailed when your customer replies to a notification email. The reply-to must use your default verified custom email domain.
The default is [email protected].
Email signatureThe sign off at the end of your customized emails.
The default is [Your Organization's Name] Team.
Help center linkThe HTTPS help link in the email footer. If no help link is given, the footer will exclude it.
Theme colorThe call to action button HEX color.
LogoThe logo displayed at the top of the email.
Note: allow 24 hours for logo changes to propagate across the internet.

Changing email customizations

To customize your emails:

  1. Navigate to organization settings.
  2. Open the Email tab of organization settings.
  3. Make your customizations in the Customize email appearance section.

If you do not have a default verified custom email domain configured, you will be prompted to set one up before you can access customizations.


If you previously had a custom email reply-to and signature but no custom email domain configured, these customizations will still be applied to the emails we send on your behalf.

These customizations will be read-only in your organization settings until you configure your custom email domain.


Counterparty registration request

Remittance advice notification

Invoice issued notification

Invoice status change notification