An Interac e-Transfer, also known as Bulk Interac e-Transfers, is represented as a new payment type in Modern Treasury called `interac`.

To originate an Interac e-Transfer, set the `payment_type` to `interac` and `direction` to `credit`. Unlike most payment types, Interac payments rely on the recipient's email address and/or phone number associated with the receiving account.

# Contact Details

To originate an Interac e-Transfer, either an email address or phone number must be provided. The relevant contact details can be provided in a number of ways.

## Payment Order creation

The contact details can be provided in-line, when creating a Payment Order similar to account and routing details.

Note that _either_ an email or phone number is required for Interac payments. The examples show both for completeness. If both are provided, both must be associated with the recipient's account within the Interac system.

## External Account or Counterparty creation

Contact details can also be provided when creating the External account, either directly or when creating a Counterparty.

If a `counterparty_id` is provided when creating an External Account and `contact_details` are omitted, the Counterparty's `email` will be copied down to the External Account as a contact detail.

## Detailed Examples

See [Payment Order Examples](🔗) for an example Interac e-Transfer.

See [Contact Details](🔗) for details on the contact details API.