A Request for Payment (RFP) in Modern Treasury is represented as a Real-Time Payment `debit`, as both the request and resulting payment are sent over the RTP network.

To originate an RFP, set the `payment_type` to `rtp` and `direction` to `debit`. Unlike other debits (e.g. ACH) funds are pushed from the receiving account to the originating account when the RFP is approved.

## Expiry

Unlike other payments, RFPs can expire if the receiving party does not approve or deny the request. To originate an RFP, an expiry must be provided via the `expires_at` attribute.

If an RFP is not approved or denied by the receivinging party by the date/time of expiry, the Payment Order will transition to `failed` with a `failure_reason` describing expiry.

See [Payment Order Examples](🔗) for an example Request for Payment.