[ProvXchange](🔗) payments are payments between core and FBO ledger accounts at BankProv. ProvXchange payments settle in real time, and don’t have any daily or weekend cut-offs.

# Originate a ProvXchange payment

All `provxchange` payments within Modern Treasury are originated from the [internal_account](🔗) representing the core, or standard DDA at BankProv. The payment may be sent to another core or FBO ledger account. FBO ledger accounts at BankProv are similar to [Virtual Accounts](🔗).

ProvXchange payment typeOriginating accountReceiving accountDirection
Transfer`internal_account` representing the BankProv core account`internal_account` or `external_account` representing a BankProv core account`credit`
Transfer`internal_account` representing the BankProv core account`external_account` or `virtual_account` representing a BankProv FBO ledger account`credit`

Note that only `credit` transfers are supported.

See [Payment Order Examples](🔗) for an example of a ProvXchange payment.