Ledgers Tutorials

This series of tutorials explains how customers use Modern Treasury Ledgers according to their use case.

Ledgers is a specialty database designed to handle any money movement use case. Our customers use Ledgers to power:

  • Digital wallets and in-network payments;
  • Programmatic payouts from marketplaces;
  • Lending, including all its variants (BNPL, invoice factoring, mortgages, embedded lending, etc.);
  • Insurance applications;
  • Card programs, issuing, and card payment authorization engines;
  • Reward programs and points;
  • Embedded payments, including Bill Pay and AP/AR;
  • Payroll and embedded payroll;
  • Currency conversions and on/off ramps.

The tutorials in this section showcase how to depict a sample of these use cases on Ledgers. If you have any questions, please email us anytime at [email protected].