Ledgers is a product for recording user balances and transactions. Any software product that has to track the movement of value to and from user accounts needs a reliable system of record. Having an immutable, scalable, double-entry ledger is the gold standard for businesses with complex or high velocity payment flows.

You can try Ledgers by signing up and making calls to the Ledgers API. Ledgers can be used independently of the rest of the functionality in Modern Treasury. There are also powerful links for tying payments activity in Modern Treasury to information on your ledger.

There are several benefits to using Modern Treasury Ledgers:

  • You can start recording transactions right away on a ledger that scales with your transaction volume.
  • Locking and idempotency are built in to ensure the ledger has no duplicate or conflicting entries.
  • The ledger is guaranteed to be immutable and every transaction has an audit log.
  • Transactions can be tied directly to payments made through Modern Treasury.
  • Our web app allows finance and business stakeholders to log in and view important balances.

Get in touch if you have any questions about using Ledgers.

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