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Ledgers is a product that enables double entry accounting for the platforms on Modern Treasury. The Ledgers API can be used independently of the rest of the functionality in Modern Treasury. There are also powerful links for tying payments activity in Modern Treasury to information on your ledger.

Ultimately, the goal with having a ledger is to keep track of the money in your business. Having an immutable, double-entry ledger is the gold standard for businesses with complicated or high velocity payment flows.

For a primer on Double Entry Accounting, we'd recommend this article.

Some of the benefits of using Modern Treasury ledgers are:

  • The ability to tie entries in your ledger directly to payments in order to provide additional context to your finance team
  • Immutability and Idempotency are built into our system to ensure integrity and no double entries

Get in touch if you have any questions about using Ledgers.

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