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Add Microdeposit Verification

Posted by Matt Marcus 26 days ago

We now support microdeposit verification for bank accounts. We previously wrote about different tactics for verifying bank accounts in the Modern Treasury Journal. In that post...


Add FX Wire Support

Posted by Sam Aarons 27 days ago

Modern Treasury has now added support for foreign exchange wires through Wells Fargo and Silicon Valley Bank. For users who've enabled FX support with their bank, initiating a payment order in Euros (...


Webhook Idempotency

Posted by Matt Marcus about a month ago

We released an update to help our customers process their webhooks more safely. Webhooks may be sent more than once in some cases, like when the webhook is not successfully handled by the receiving pa...


Design and Usability Updates

Posted by Matt Marcus 4 months ago

Today we're pushing an updated design for the Modern Treasury application. Our goal with this update is to make our user experience cleaner, more consistent, and more readable. Most of the changes we'...


Add Wells Fargo Support

Posted by Sam Aarons 5 months ago

Modern Treasury has now added support for Wells Fargo commercial customers. Utilizing Wells Fargo's Payment Manager product, ...


Counterparty Account Onboarding

Posted by Matt Marcus 5 months ago

Today we're releasing a new way to make it easier for Modern Treasury clients to onboard their counterparties. As a business, you're constantly paying and being paid by your vendors, suppliers, contr...


Add Expected Payments Support

Posted by Matt Marcus 7 months ago

We're happy to announce the release of Expected Payments. Our vision is to help businesses automate payments and transaction reconciliation. Until now, we've supported ...


Add Documents Support

Posted by Sam Aarons 9 months ago

Modern Treasury has added support for retrieving and creating Documents on associated records. This new API is helpful for when you want to provide more context on a given subje...


Add Lockbox Support

Posted by Sam Aarons 9 months ago

We've added support for bank lockboxes through our Paper Items API. Modern Treasury can parse incoming bank lockbox files and send you webhooks with structured data. Additiona...


Add First Republic Bank Support

Posted by Sam Aarons 9 months ago

Modern Treasury has now added support for First Republic Bank corporate customers. Modern Treasury is able to initiate ACH transfers and USD Wires though FRB's direct transmission...