The next step is to assign role permissions to your newly provisioned roles in Modern Treasury.

## Edit your directory synced roles

On the [roles page](🔗), select a directory synced role to assign permissions to. Under the `Actions` dropdown button at the top of the role details page, select `Edit`.

In `Update Role`, find the `Permissions` section. Select the desired access level for each permission from the dropdowns and save your changes.

See the `Role permissions` table at the bottom of this page for more information on each permission category.

## Confirm role permissions

After assigning permissions in Modern Treasury to your directory synced roles, confirm that the access gating is correct.

For example, for a user with `View Only Access` for `Organization`, they should only be able to view organization settings, user settings, roles, approval rules, and audit records. They should not be able to edit any of those settings.

## Role permissions

Permission TypeAccess Level OptionsAccess Control Applied to
Organization`Manage and Edit Access`, `View Only Access`, `No Access`Organization-wide settings User settings Roles Approval rules Audit records
Developer Settings`Manage and Edit Access`, `View Only Access`, `No Access`Logs Events Webhook endpoints Webhook delivery attempts
Counterparties`Manage and Edit Access`, `View Only Access`, `No Access`Counterparty information and invitations
External Accounts`Manage and Edit Access`, `Full View Only Access`, `Partial View Only Access`, `No Access`External account data
API Keys`Manage and Edit Access`, `View Only Access`, `No Access`API keys (also requires Developer Settings permissions)
Ledgers`Manage and Edit Access`, `View Only Access`, `No Access`Ledgers data
Accounts`Manage, Review, and Edit Access`, `View Only Access`, `No Access`, `Per-Account Access`Payment orders Transactions Expected payments Returns Paper items
Compliance`Manage, Review, and Edit Access`, `Review and Edit Access`,`View Only Access`, `No Access`Compliance data Cases
Partner Search`Manage and Edit Access`, `View Only Access`, `No Access`Partner search data