Hey! These docs are for version 1.0, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 1.1!

Payment Orders

A payment order is an instruction to move money to or from your bank account. When a new payment order is created, we communicate with your bank to move the amount of money you specified.


Every pay order has the following workflow from creation to completion:

CreationWhen the payment order is created, it will initially have a status of approved or needs_approval depending on your account's business rules.approved or needs_approvalcreated
approved or needs_approval
ApprovalThis step may be automatically skipped if approval is not required.needs_approvalapproved or denied
Processing StartAt the cutoff time, the payment order's status will be updated to processing.

Note: Only payment orders that have been approved will be sent to the bank. If it is approved after your bank's cutoff time, it will be sent before the next cutoff time.
Processing FinishWhen the batch is fully processed, the payment order's status will be updated, and you will receive the webhook.

This typically only takes under a minute.
CompletionWhen the transaction is complete, your payment order status will update and you will receive a webhook. The payment order will have the ID of transaction in its attributes.

If you were pulling money from a counterparty, the funds are now in your account.

If you were sending money, the funds have now left your account.
ReturnSometimes you may experience ACH returns.

A new return object and transaction object will also be created. You will receive corresponding webhooks for these objects.


ACH Return Timings

When sending an ACH, you may experience a return. These may occur up to 3 days after settlement for business transactions and 60 days after consumer transactions. However, we have seen these happen beyond those timeframes before.