Modern Treasury helps automate book keeping and period-end close using Continuous Accounting. Continuous Accounting is the ability to easily sync data from Modern Treasury to your ERP and General Ledger. You are in control, determining when and how data syncs with the ability to fully automate the process.

Continuous Accounting allows you to automate reconciliation, not forcing you to wait until month, quarter, or year end to have accurate insights into your accounting and close your books.

We support the following accounting integrations:

  1. QuickBooks Online


Your accounting software not listed?

Let us know! We are actively developing our Continuous Accounting integrations, working to add new functionality, ERPs, and General Ledgers.

You can easily set up your Continuous Accounting connection in your dashboard. Follow the guides above for step-by-step instructions.

How it Works

While the integration will vary in functionality depending on the ERP, we explain the general functionality below.

  1. Connect your accounting software (see linked guides above)
  2. Modern Treasury imports your chart of accounts
  3. Map your bank accounts to the appropriate general ledger accounts
  4. Configure your integration to manually or automatically sync counterparties and payment orders to your accounting software.
  5. [Optional] Match Modern Treasury counterparties to existing accounting software vendors and customers. You can also create new vendors and customers from the Modern Treasury dashboard.
  6. [Optional] Sync existing payment orders

Once your integration is set up, you can ensure automatic syncing by doing the following:

  1. Assign an Accounting Category or general ledger account to each new counterparty. This can be done in the API or dashboard.
  2. When creating a new payment order in the API or dashboard, optionally override the general ledger account inferred from the counterparty. This can be useful if you want to book a single payment across multiple accounts.