Onboarding Users

Collect information from end users and optionally run KYC / KYB and bank risk checks

The following guide describes how to run KYC / KYB checks to onboard users. There are two ways of integrating.

Embedded flows allow you to verify users from within your application. You can securely create Counterparties without touching sensitive information. You will spend less time on development.

You can also send data via API. With this method, you have full control over the onboarding experience.

Embedded Integration

Embedded flows enable you to seamlessly verify users from within your application.

The flow supports most modern browsers including Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, and Opera. IE 11 is not supported. Modern mobile browsers are also supported, including most iOS and Android devices.

The flow can be customized to choose what information is collected from end users.


API Integration

With the API integration, you have full control over the user onboarding experience. Implement your own frontend to collect the data and send Modern Treasury the data for verification.