Blocklist / Allowlist

Control scores of Compliance decisions with the blocklist / allowlist

Blocklists and allowlists affect risk scores for user onboarding and transaction monitoring decisions. Add entries to the blocklist to prevent fraud from known bad actors. Add entries to the allowlist so known good actors can move money without being reviewed or blocked.

You can add, modify, or delete entries from the Blocklist / Allowlist page in the dashboard. You can also add entries when reviewing a case or adding decision feedback. For example, if you are denying a user, you may want to add them to the blocklist.

To add an entry, first specify an email address, phone number, tax ID, bank account, IP address, device ID, or counterparty ID. Next, pick an expiration date. Entries expire to ensure that your lists stay up to date.

Note that the blocklist / allowlist is not available in the Sandbox, as live scoring is not enabled due to costs of downstream data providers. Lists do not affect KYB user onboardings.