Monitor User Onboarding

Monitor Compliance user onboarding decisions (e.g. KYC / KYB, bank risk)

Based on the compliance score, a User Onboarding will be automatically approved, automatically denied, or have a Case opened for manual review. Using your sandbox account, you can test these scenarios by entering in select names in the user onboarding flow (the other details do not matter). The sandbox will return dummy data and not run live checks on the data submitted, as those require calls to downstream data providers.

Compliance ScoreSandbox SimulationResult
low or mediumFor KYC, use the name Harry Potter.

For KYB, use the name Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
The User Onboarding will be automatically approved.
highFor KYC, use the name Severus Snape.

For KYB, use the name Weasleys Wizard Wheezes.
A Case will be opened for manual review, and the User Onboarding will be in needs_approval state.
very_highFor KYC, use the name Lucius Malfoy.

For KYB, use the name Death Eaters Corp..
The User Onboarding will be automatically denied.

Webhooks are used to provide status updates on User Onboardings.

If a User Onboarding is approved a Counterparty and External Account will be created. If a User Onboarding is denied a Counterparty will not be created. The id of the Counterparty and External Accounts will be included in the webhooks and User Onboarding object.

  "event": "approved",
  "data": {
	  "id": "e640a26e-4289-4799-b991-e5a136b94428",
	  "object": "user_onboarding",
	  "live_mode": true,
	  "metadata": {},
	  "party_type": "individual",
	  "status": "approved",
    "counterparty_id": "72d63b95-910f-41ae-a13c-5a9465c891a1",
    "external_account_id": "4c95964e-c9d4-4102-9183-2c8ae39e2c1d",
    "decision_id": "08d9b87d-67a2-4234-a6d0-e8fec11ebb4f",
    "created_at": "2022-05-16T05:14:02Z",
    "updated_at": "2022-05-16T05:14:02Z"

Additional information about the User Onboarding can be found in the related Decision object. You can alternatively monitor this object for status on User Onboardings.