Required Fields

This page describes what fields are required and options for various KYC, KYB, and bank account checks.


The below table shows what information is required for various KYC checks on individuals.

CheckRequired Fields
Basic IdentityName, address, phone number, and email address.
SSNName, date of birth, address, and taxpayer identifier.
Sanctions, Politically Exposed Person, and Adverse MediaName, date of birth, and address.


The below table shows what information is required for KYB checks. If the various optional fields are collected, Modern Treasury can use this information for additional verifications (e.g. phone validation, taxpayer identifier matching, risky industry classification, etc.).

CheckRequired FieldsOptional Fields
Basic IdentityBusiness name, address.Phone number, website, taxpayer identifier.
Beneficial Owners - SanctionsName, date of birth, address.Phone number, email address.

Bank Risk

The below table describes what information is required for bank risk checks. The optional fields help with matching.

Required FieldsOptional Fields
Name (first name and last name for individuals, business name for businesses), bank account details (account number and routing number).Address, taxpayer identifier.