Case Management

Depending on the risk level of a User Onboarding or Payment Order, the associated Decision may be automatically approved, automatically denied, or have a Case created for manual review.

When a Case is created, a needs_approval webhook will be sent (e.g. for the User Onboarding or Payment Order, and the related Decision will also have a status of needs_approval. Users can view information about the cases within Modern Treasury. They can upload attachments, review the cases, and leave comments. Once a case is reviewed, the related objects will have a status of approved or denied.

Users can also leave feedback about Decisions that are false positives (e.g. legitimate users or transactions that were denied) or false negatives (e.g. bad users or transactions that were approved). This reporting is critical for improving underlying machine learning models and tuning rules. False positives can be overridden, resulting in counterparties being created or payments being processed. Modern Treasury uses ACH return data to automate reporting of false negatives on ACH debits with specific return codes that commonly indicate fraud. Accuracy data is shown in the Insights page.