Know Your Customer (KYC) Reference

You can perform KYC checks on individuals. As part of KYC, there are Identity, SSN, and Watchlist checks.

Identity checks determine if the phone and email match a given identity and are safe. You can flag email accounts from new domains, accounts not linked to social media, programatic patterns, and invalid syntax or domains. You can flag phone numbers with high or low activity, VOIP or pre-paid or toll-free phones, traffic to risky countries, and mismatches between phone records and user submitted information. Modern Treasury can detect if many users onboarding using the same phone number or email address.

SSN verifications can determine if a provided social security number is valid, and if it matches other information about the user (e..g name, date of birth, address). Modern Treasury can detect if there is a high risk of a synthetic or stolen identity being used.

Watchlist checks can detect users who are on sanctions, politically exposed person, or adverse media watchlists internationally. You can tweak fuzzy matching thresholds to balance the trade-off between true positive and false positive alerts.

The table below describes what information is required for KYC checks.

CheckRequired Fields
Identity (e.g. Phone and Email)Name, address, phone, and email.
SSNName, date of birth, address, and taxpayer identifier.
Watchlist (e.g. Sanctions, Politically Exposed Person, and Adverse Media)Name, date of birth, and address.