Decision Feedback

Provide feedback about Compliance decisions (e.g. false positives and false negatives)

Decision feedback is critical for improving underlying machine learning models and tuning rules. Decision feedback data is shown on the Insights page for reporting purposes.

You can leave feedback about Decisions that are false positives (e.g. legitimate users or transactions that were denied) or false negatives (e.g. bad users or transactions that were approved). From the Decisions page, go to a specific decision and click the Add Decision Feedback button.

False positives can be overridden, resulting in counterparties being created or payments being processed. You can add entries to the allowlist to prevent future false positives.

While false negatives decisions cannot be reversed, you can add entries to the blocklist to prevent future fraud. Modern Treasury uses ACH return data to automate reporting of false negatives. ACH debits with return codes of R01, R02, R03, R04, R05, R06, R07, R08, R09, R10, R11, R16, R20, and R29 are automatically reported. Returns with codes R05, R07, R10, R11, and R29 will add entries to the blocklist to help prevent fraud. Contact Support if you would like to disable automated reporting of false negatives and this automated blocklist behavior.

When leaving decision feedback, you can add comments. These comments are stored for audit purposes.