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Design and Usability Updates

Matt Marcus · about a month ago

Today we're pushing an updated design for the Modern Treasury application. Our goal with this update is to make our user experience cleaner, more consistent, and more readable. Most of the changes we've made are cosmetic, but there are also some new parts that we're excited to share.

    Counterparty Account Onboarding

    Matt Marcus · 2 months ago1 changes

    Today we're releasing a new way to make it easier for Modern Treasury clients to onboard their counterparties.

    As a business, you're constantly paying and being paid by your vendors, suppliers, contractors, and customers. Before money exchanges hands, however, sensitive information has to be shared...

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    Add Expected Payments Support

    Matt Marcus · 3 months ago2 changes

    We're happy to announce the release of Expected Payments.

    Our vision is to help businesses automate payments and transaction reconciliation. Until now, we've supported full reconciliation of Payment Orders, Returns, and [Paper Items]...

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    Add Documents Support

    Sam Aarons · 5 months ago2 changes

    Modern Treasury has added support for retrieving and creating Documents on associated records. This new API is helpful for when you want to provide more context on a given subject, e.g. adding a PDF invoice to a payment order.

    Because of this API we've also now added support ...

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    Add Lockbox Support

    Sam Aarons · 5 months ago1 changes

    We've added support for bank lockboxes through our Paper Items API. Modern Treasury can parse incoming bank lockbox files and send you webhooks with structured data. Additionally we can now automatically reconcile paper items with the corresponding transactions in your bank ...

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